December 30, 2019

WindCorp Translink has been a financial advisor to OMB Self Storage, S.L. (Oh My Box!) in the sale of a 100% stake to Safestore Holdings.

Due to this operation the British leader in rentals of storage rooms to companies and individuals Safestore Holdings has entered Spain with the purchase of OMB Self Storage for 17.25 million euros, a Catalan firm that has four storage facilities in the center of Barcelona.


OMB Self Storage, founded in 2013 and managed by Nicolás Pérez and Liher del Río, offers storage services for individuals and companies. The Catalan company has 4 storage facilities in the city center with a total capacity of 9,625 m2 and an occupancy level of 90%. In 2019 OMB sales increased by 28% up to 2.6 million euros.

Safestore Holdings is the British leader in rentals of storage rooms to companies and individuals. The firm offers personal, commercial and student storage services through its 122 facilities in the United Kingdom, 28 in Paris and the recently acquired ones in the Netherlands. In 2019 the company achieved sales of 179.6 million euros and a gross operating profit of 102 million euros.

Due to the acquisition of OMB, Safestore Holdings manages to enter the Spanish market enhancing its growth, especially in big cities such as Barcelona where families and companies are most in need of storage space due to the high rental prices.

Óscar Llaudet and Rubén Sánchez, Partner and Director of  WindCorp Translink respectively, have participated in the operation as financial advisers to OMB Self Storage S.L.

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