WindCorp Translink is a firm that offers Corporate Finance services to family-owned and listed companies, supporting our clients from the beginning to the end of the transaction, providing them with our expertise, as well as market and industry knowledge, both local and global.

Founded in 1989, WindCorp Translink is a private company owned by its partners.

WindCorp Translink’s Corporate Finance activity includes advice on mergers and acquisitions, independent valuations of companies and financial restructuring. We have advised companies from a wide range of sectors and have closed more than 250 transactions since the firm was founded.

WindCorp is an exclusive member of the Translink Corporate Finance for Spain, an independent international Corporate Finance network present in more than 30 countries in Europe, the United States, Latin America and Asia, with a team of over 600 professionals.


“As a team we act rigorously in the pursuit of excellence with agility and determination when it comes to achieving the objectives of our clients.”




A solid and long-lasting
relationship of trust

Building trust is the fundamental axis of our work.
We rely on transparency, exchange of information and continuous collaboration with the client from day one, with the aim of achieving a close, honest and professional relationship.

In-depth knowledge
of different sectors

WindCorp Translink’s professionals have a high degree of knowledge in financial advice on company mergers and acquisitions in different sectors, which an average professional experience of 20 years, leading us to understand the needs of our clients and be able to propose the right solutions.

Excellence drives us
to be better

The quality of our services in all areas of our work is guaranteed by our team’s talent applied with effort, dedication and determination in each and every project. Excellence drives us to be better every day, challenging us to grow and always look for ways to improve and perform tasks with the highest possible quality.


We are a leading firm
in the sector

WindCorp Translink has positioned itself as one of the leading firms in the Spanish mergers and acquisitions market in the mid-market segment, where we have closed more than 250 transactions, both with Spanish and multinational companies.


Our independence,
a key factor

We are a firm managed by its partners and, therefore, not influenced by conflicts of interest arising from other professional activities or services. This independence allows us to offer a service aimed at maximising value for our clients in every transaction and being able to focus solely on defending their interests.


Complete discretion
and confidentiality

Our partners and professionals act with the absolute discretion and confidentiality that our services require. Likewise, all our actions are based on a profound sense of ethics, from the moment each member of the team makes their decisions, to the way in which each client is treated.

WindCorp Translink is a Corporate Finance firm that provides financial services to both national and international companies either listed or in the midmarket segment.

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